You’ve got vapemail…

This weekend I did something. 
 I accept that you probably did something too – however, I did something awesome.

Now I want to regale you about my paragliding/paintballing activities, but that would be pretty hum-drum. No, I signed up to my first vape-subscription box! That’s right – I’m a sucker for expectedly-unexpected mail items (2 years of loot crate and a mass of awesome geek plastic gumpf around my house attests to this).

So I accept that in ‘reality’ this probably isn’t the most awesome thing in the world – and I also have to caveat the following with the fact that I’ve not received my first delivery yet (roll on 15 October). The reason I’m writing about this now though is because the customer experience of the sign up process was pretty darn good.

Putting this in context, I look at CX for my bill paying living and – having vaped for about three years now – there’s been just a handful of times where I recognised anything resembling a customer focussed journey. Vape shops are the exceptions with this – but even they are just varieties of turning up and testing different juices – in those cases it’s all about how friendly and helpful the member of staff is. 

The CX of online vape outlets is pretty much restricted to descriptions of liquids and good check out processes. Meh. I do love to be proven wrong on this point.
What made craftvapeclub stand out was that the process of understanding what was going to be pulled together for me was very tailored. As you probably know (I’m assuming you vape– if you don’t or are starting out just run with me here), your vaping preference, liquid type and flavour profile are very particular. What’s more as you go on, your flavour preferences are likely to change. So when I started the journey of signing up to the box-o-goodies, I was expecting a ‘tell us your fave liquids’.

Instead, they asked ‘What don’t you want to get’ – and this (hopefully) means what I’ll end up with is a selection that is in line with my preference but still exposes me to some juice I’ve not tried before. Love it!

Another aspect I was really impressed with was their site layout – I don’t doubt it’s some kind of ‘out-of-the-can’ job, but when it works so flawlessly you can’t complain. Again for context, I signed up over iPhone while I was on a train out of London – how many times have you tried to register/access something through your phone only to be hit with some random blocker or screen SNAFU that just makes you go *sigh*. 

 End to end process for signup took me about 15 mins, and I was going slowly – you may be more decisive than me – and I ended up with a very clear expectation on when I’d get my first vapecrate.

In terms of price, you can choose from two plans – the first is £25 and they say you’ll get 4 flavours (between 40-50ml) and then for £30 you’ll get 6 flavours (between 70-80ml) – there’s nothing extra for postage or blackmail. They also say that the retail price of the liquids will always be more than you pay with them.

Of course this customer journey now needs to be backed up with the contents of the actual box, but so far I’m impressed and do hope that I’ll be in for some vapey treats over the coming months.

They’ve only just opened so go check them out if you get chance and – I hasten to add – I’ve written this without their knowledge/influence. Heck I’m not going to cry if they send me random eliquid – but I do stand by the fact that the signup process and liquid preference method was really good.

You can check out their site here


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